Isabella Wind Photo Contest Results

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures for the Isabella Wind photo contest. There were so many strong choices that it has made picking the top two REALLY hard! We are impressed with everyone's submissions and want to thank the community for your participation in this historic event for all of Isabella County.

A special congratulations to Sally Rudy for submitting this amazing winning photo. Sally was the winner of the iPad prize for 1st place in the contest.

Kelly Schaffer Funnel and these future turbine engineers won the Lego Wind Turbine with their second place photo here:

We also want to recognize the following strong entries that were runners up. Kudos to these talented photographers! (photos here)

  • Diane Traenkle – Comet NEO-Wind
  • Betsy Sunderman – Wind Harvest
  • Polly Gordon – All-American Turbine
  • Andrew Gross – Night Turbine
  • Belinda Myers – Pot of Gold
  • Bonnie Ott – Overlooking the Fields
  • Dan Marvin – All of the Above Energy
  • Jason Lacina – Double Rainbow

We have embedded a slideshow of all of the entries below. Thank you again to all who participated!

Mike Jurkins